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Written by 

Martin Dockery

Directed by

Vanessa Quesnelle


Jon Paterson & Martin Dockery

Two old friends find themselves trapped at an annual holiday party in this tight whirlwind of a thriller. As they attempt to escape the never-ending celebration, a puzzle slowly reveals itself, exposing the betrayals and deceits that go

hand-in-hand with a lifetime of friendship.

"Inescapable is mesmerizing… A circular buzz saw of a play… in the friction of the spin, it gives off tiny, glinting revelations like sparks off a metal rail. And, thanks to the intricate infrastructure devised by Dockery, a mid-life crisis story of betrayal and lost possibility emerges without getting told.” –Edmonton Journal

"Inescapable is a hilarious non-stop, high-energy, rapid-fire 45 minute dialogue that is really about, well, nothing. A sort of Groundhog Day meets No Exit meets Waiting for Godot meets... just about anything you want.”  –Edmonton Sun

"Inescapable is a Mobius strip of a play that’s sure to fill your inner geek with glee… A really clever script with some very tasty dialogue… An excellent opportunity to let your brain run wild and crazy for an hour.” -CBC

~Past Performances~

September 5 - 15, 2019, Vancouver Fringe Festival, Vancouver, BC, Canada

October 2018, Soho Playhouse, New York, NY, USA

May 19-29, 2016, Orlando Fringe Festival, Orlando, FL, USA

Aug 14-24, 2015, Edmonton Fringe Festival, Edmonton, AB, Canada

July 16-27, 2015, Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

June 19-29, 2015, Ottawa Fringe Festival, Ottawa, ON, Canada

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