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The Pit

In this funny, fast-paced, and surreal send-up of domestic bliss a husband and wife must negotiate their marriage and the growing, bottomless pit that's opened up in their bedroom. 

Written by 

Martin Dockery



Vanessa Quesnelle & Martin Dockery

“The fringe equivalent of a jazz masterpiece. Dockery & Quesnelle need only their

inherent magnetism and chemistry to hold an audience in thrall.”



“An engaging, smart script delivered with precision and intensity.”

–Edmonton Journal, AB


“Dockery and Quesnelle are fantastic performers who excel with sparkling banter

and exhibit an effortless chemistry.”

–Winnipeg Free Press, MB


“If you haven’t seen it already, then you need to go out and do it right now. Seriously. I’ll wait… The chemistry between Dockery and Quesnelle is electric…

It was a joy to watch them perform… I could praise this play all day long.”

–Production Ottawa, ON


“A good premise, smart writing and talented actors.”

–Vue Weekly, Edmonton, AB


“Funny, with exceptional actors who beautifully grow their characters.”

–CFUV, Victoria, BC


~Past Performances~


Feb 5-7, 2016, Orlando Fringe Encore, Orlando, FL, USA

May 28 - June 8 2014, Piccolo Spoleto Festival, Charleston, SC, USA

April 22-26, 2014, London, ON, Canada

Oct 3-5, 2013, Bellingham, WA, USA

Sept 19-28, 2013, Boulder Fringe Festival, Boulder, CO, USA

Aug 27-Sept 1, 2013, Victoria Fringe Festival, Victoria, BC, Canada

Aug 16-25, 2013, Edmonton Fringe Festival, Edmonton, AB, Canada

July 18-28, 2013, Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

June 20-27, 2013, Ottawa Fringe Festival, Ottawa, ON, Canada

May 18-26, 2013, Orlando Fringe Festival, Orlando, FL, USA


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