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A fantastical adventure of seduction, submission, lost virtue and regret that

resonates from the beginning of time to as recently as last night.



                                Written by                                 

Martin Dockery



Vanessa Quesnelle & Martin Dockery

Oh, That Wily Snake!


–London Fringe Festival, London, ON



–Backstage, New York, NY


“Remarkable... A physical comedy tour-de-force...

I highly recommend it.”

–NYTheatre, New York, NY


“You become entranced.”

London Free Press, London, ON


“Fast-paced and engaging.”

–Orlando Sentinel, Orlando, FL


“Superb performers.”

–The CBC


“Remarkable chemistry between two superb performers...

Their two styles mesh like a finely tuned engine...

The dialogue is so clever and witty that you wish you had

the gift to be that inventive yourself.”

–Edmonton Sun, Edmonton, AB

~Past Performances~


Feb 2-10, 2012, Under St. Marks, New York, NY

Sept 19-28, 2011, Vancouver Fringe Festival, Vancouver, BC

Aug 16-25, 2011, Edmonton Fringe Festival, Edmonton, AB

July 30- Aug 12, 2011, Saskatoon Fringe Festival, Saskatoon, SK

July 18-28, 2011, Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Winnipeg, MB

June 20-27, 2011, London Fringe Festival, London, ON

May 18-26, 2011, Orlando Fringe Festival, Orlando, FL

Feb 23 - Mar 7, 2011, Rogue Festival, Fresno, CA


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