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Following the mysterious loss of her sister, Luna journeys through a strange and shadowy world to try and make sense of what remains. An otherworldly trip of darkness and delight.

Love Is A Battlefield

Battle lines are drawn with deceit, longing, and sex as a singer and a down-on-his-luck producer attempt to record an album. But amid the drinks and plays for power, a desperate plan is hatched to free them both from their end-of-the-road lives.

Moonlight After Midnight


A mysterious man and a beautiful woman meet in a midnight hotel room to play out scenes from a relationship. Love and loss, memory and intrigue intertwine in the liminal space of a magical hotel room bathed in moonlight.



Two old friends find themselves trapped at an endless holiday party in this tight whirlwind of a thriller. As they attempt to escape the never-ending celebration, a puzzle slowly reveals itself, exposing the betrayals and deceits that go hand in hand with a lifetime of friendship.

The Pit


In this funny, fast-paced, and surreal send-up of domestic bliss a husband and wife must negotiate their marriage and the growing, bottomless pit that's opened up in thier bedroom. 

The Abyss Burrow


A woman awakes to discover she is at the bottom of a deep hole, and the only way out is to embark on a fantastically wide-eyed trip through pockets of space and time. 

Oh, That Wily Snake!


A fantastical adventure of seduction, submission, lost virtue, and regret that resonates from the beginning of time to as recently as last night.

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