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created and performed by
vanessa quesnelle

Following the mysterious loss of her sister, Luna journeys through a

strange and shadowy world to try and make sense of what remains.

An otherworldly trip of darkness and delight.


 “Luna is simple, surreal, complex, evocative, mesmerizing, enchanting,

emotional, powerful, strange, sensual, unlike anything else, transcendent.

Luna is to be seen.”

–On Stage Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada


“Quesnelle puts her considerable vocal chops, strong physicality, and sharp writing on display in a piece that weaves all three elements into a coming-of-age story

that blends creation myth with contemporary grit.”

– New Ottawa Critics, Ottawa, Canada

"A dark, complicated sibling tale of mystery and mayhem, Luna is presented as a silhouetted one-woman tour de force. Luna is riveting, not a wasted move, not a wasted word."  

– Hip Crank Review, Ottawa, Canada

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